Day 13 - Picton to Kaikoura

The Picton Maritime Festival was just getting underway as I was about to leave.

My first stop was the Omaka Aviation Heritage Centre in Blenheim. In houses quite a variety of WW1 era aircraft including Peter Jackson's own collection. Most of the aircraft are presented as part of intricately constructed scenes created by none other than Weta Workshop.

After Blenheim the road follows the very scenic coastline all the way to Kaikoura.

The beaches were dotted with these guys in quite a few places.

After getting settled in YHA Kaikoura (which btw. is located in a stunning place on the Kaikoura Peninsula) I still had time for an evening stroll along the Kaikoura Peninsula Walkway.

A view towards the Seaward Kaikoura Range from the walkway.

I can recommend hiking the walkway at around sunset.

After the walkway I just made it to the Reservoir Viewpoint to see the actual sunset.


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