Day 2 - Auckland & Rangitoto Island

In the morning I headed for the boat to the volcanic Rangitoto Island  that lies right off the coast from Auckland.

Most of the people from the boat headed straight towards the summit so I decided to take the long way there via McKenzie Bay.

I managed to find a pretty decent place for a lunch break near the summit.

The view from the top (260m) was well worth the effort.

After a day of hiking food and craft beer sounded like a good idea. I found both at the great craft beer bar/microbrewery/beer shop Brothers Beer. Met some nice fellow beer geeks there as well.

When the staff were closing the place down for the night they invited us to join them next door at Miss Pings, a place serving an interesting mix of Vietnamese food, ping pong and beer. The place has sadly went out of business since.


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