Day 22 - Routeburn Track pt 2

Sunrise at the Routeburn Falls Hut was no less impressive than the sunset. Caught some dew droplets falling from the roof.

They do seem to picks some magnificent spots for the Great Walks huts. As I would later see this was not the exception but rather a norm.

After the falls the track continued to climb steadily towards the Harris saddle.

Just before reaching the Harris Saddle the route skirted the Harris Lake, only some tens of meters above it.

Arriving at the Harris Saddle shelter. From the shelter there was a nice little side track to the top of Conical Hill which proved irresistible.

From the top of the Conical Hill you could see the valleys of both sides of the Harris Saddle as well as the Tasman Sea if you squited hard enough.

After the saddle the the route followed the Hollyford River valley going pretty much horizontally for a long while.

The Lake Mackenzie Hut was again on a perfect spot next to the lake.

When the days hikers started arriving the cold watered mountain lake seemed to turn into a beach resort with people swimming and tanning in their swimwear.


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