Day 9 - Wellington

The view from my breakfast park bench wasn't too much of an eyesore.

After breakfast I headed for a hike on Mount Kaukau.

The way up was pretty sweaty going in the cloudless heat but again the view from the top (445m) was pretty rewarding. You could even see the South Island quite clearly.

After the hike I took the easy way by car to another hilltop, Wrights Hill. Apart from the views overlooking Wellington it also houses the Wrights Hill Fortress.

A visit to the Weta Cave and workshop was a must for someone quite interested in the making of movies.

After Weta it was time to ditch the car and check out some of the local craft beer scene.

The first stop was at Garage Project which as the name would suggest was housed in an old garage.

Next was Fork and Brewer and finally at Golding's Free Dive I had the "pasta of the day"  ;)

After the um... pasta I barely made it to Mount Victoria Lookout in time to see the sunset.

All in all it was quite an excellent first day in Wellington.


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